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Our Story

Launched in 2013 in Cambridge, MA, PrepScholar was the first company to bring truly customized learning to the test prep industry. Led by PhDs from Harvard (Economics) and MIT (Biomedical Engineering), the PrepScholar team bootstrapped their way to becoming the #1 online test prep company in the world, despite going against bigger players with way more marketing dollars. 

Fast forward 5 years...

PrepScholar continues to push the boundaries of offering the most effective prep course at the most affordable price. 

Combining our deep knowledge in acing standardized tests with our expertise in creating machine learning algorithms to customize according to each student's strengths and weaknesses, PrepScholar has introduced an industry-leading GRE Prep course and the industry's first all-access 5-day free trial. 

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We also know that the GRE is only one piece of the puzzle of getting admitted to your dream graduate program. That's why we also focus on making sure you are guided through the entire graduate school application process. 

Going forward, we will continue to drive innovation in customization, maintain the best quality practice materials, and provide industry-leading GRE prep for all students around the world. 

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We love playing Pandemic (board game) to find the fastest way to save the world from being wiped out by diseases.

We love Escape the Room mostly because we crush our own record every time. 

James, GRE Instructor
99th percentile GRE score

James has been acing standardized tests since the third grade. He attended college at Ohio Northern University, where he was a Presidential Scholarship recipient. Shortly after graduating Magna Cum Laude with dual degrees in Creative Writing and Communication Arts, James began teaching GRE and has since helped hundreds of students to achieve their GRE goals through creative teaching and interactive problem explanations.

Erika, Head GRE Instructor
99th percentile GRE Score

Erika is the Head of GRE Content at PrepScholar. She has spearheaded the design of PrepScholar's Complete GRE Course with the goal of bringing the world's best private tutor to each student at a fraction of the cost. Her process-based learning is contagious and extremely effective. Having scored a 170 on Verbal and 169 on Quant, Erika is now leading the charge in designing the best course that teaches every student to get a great GRE score. 

Corey, GRE Instructor
99th percentile GRE score

Corey is a tutoring prodigy. He's taught GRE for nearly a decade. After achieving a perfect score on the GRE Quant and graduating summa cum laude from Virginia Tech, Corey took his talents to MIT to pursue a PhD in Chemical Engineering before embarking on his quest to teach GRE at scale. Corey is known for his innovative classes tailored to student's learning style and his ability to transform complex math into intuitive and engaging lectures. 

Our Commitment

Yuan, Director of GRE
MBA, Northwestern Kellogg

Yuan got her start in management consulting before getting her MBA from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management. After building products at Amazon and TripAdvisor, Yuan joined PrepScholar to bring the most innovative, engaging consumer products to online GRE prep. Get hooked on learning the GRE and have fun achieving a great score in no time!

Allen, Co-Founder
MD/PhD, Harvard/MIT

Allen attended Harvard/MIT's MD/Ph.D. program in Medicine and Biomedical Engineering before co-founding Prepscholar. From his award-winning teaching career, Allen noticed how GRE prep is too one-size-fits-all. He heads Product and Engineering at PrepScholar to combine the approach that worked for him with learning technology so you can get a great score on the GRE!

Fred, Co-Founder
PhD, Harvard

Fred aced the GRE and got his Ph.D. in Economics from Harvard University before co-founding PrepScholar. Fred designed the machine learning algorithm driving PrepScholar's GRE course uniquely capable of pinpointing your weaknesses and tailoring your course. The algorithm uses user data to continuously optimize the fastest path to a great GRE score for you!

Nirmal, GRE Instructor
99th percentile GRE score

Nirmal graduated from Columbia University and has over 10 years of experience tutoring the GRE for elite students. He understands the advantages and drawbacks of different test prep methods and has perfected his GRE teaching to ensure the best possible experience for PrepScholar students. 

Julio, GRE Instructor
99th percentile GRE score

Julio has a BA in History and Literature from Harvard University and an MFA in Poetry Writing from FIU. He has over a decade of teaching experience enlightening GRE students around the world. Julio's methodical teaching style and efficient GRE explanation have made him a student favorite at PrepScholar.

Renee, GRE Instructor
99th percentile GRE score

Renee is a world-class GRE tutor and a published GRE author. Renee is a master at teaching the most difficult GRE verbal questions: Reading Comprehension. She has written a wide variety of GRE practice materials that guide all students, including non-native English speakers, to crack the RC code and score high on the GRE.

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