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"... hands down the best GRE prep ... would easily recommend to anyone."

Maggie, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, 97th percentile GRE scorer.

Rated as Excellent.

Published Tuesday, July 18, 2017


1 review

Best value if you want to push your score 4-10 points beyond your natural plateau.

PrepScholar is hands down the best GRE prep course out there. I needed both the guidance to know exactly what i need to study and the flexibility to study whenever i have time (I work full time so it's kind of hard). What surprised me was how much 1-on-1 help and human interactions i got from PrepScholar's GRE instructors even though that's not even something they explicitly stated as part of the package. whenever i did not understand a problem, i'd simply submit feedback directly within the program and someone would write me a detailed explanation that clarifies my confusion the next day. i got some really helpful essay feedback from their graders (got a 6.0 on AWA on the actual test which is important for my field!). To be honest, I think I would've plateaued around 305 if I studied by myself. I ended up scoring a 320 which is 5 points higher than what I need to get into my dream school. 

Published Wednesday, Aug 9, 2017


1 review

the fastest way to break out of a decent score

Let's face it grad schools aren't like colleges you don't need a perfect GRE score to get admitted to your dream Ph.D. program (or whatever else you're applying to). My experience using PrepScholar's GRE prep course is that these guys know what they're doing. I mean, half of their team has Master's and PhDs from the best schools in the country so it definitely gave me confidence right from the start. PrepScholar GRE is simply the only way to improve your score to the one you need without you having to spend over 300 hours on the GRE. I had taken Kapaln before and they helped me build some strategies off of the foundation of knowledge I already had. At this point I realized I wasn't going to get better with strategies alone so I dumped Kaplan and came to PrepScholar. Their course was extremely thorough and the content was DENSE yet not overwhelming. I understood exactly why I was given certain lessons. Going into the test I felt really confident about the content and the types of questions I'll see. I scored significantly better, fingers crossed for Stanford Engineering! I HIGHLY recommend PrepScholar.

Published Monday, Jun 29, 2017


1 review

turn your weakness into your strengths prepscholar gre

I'm applying to veterinary medicine school and this is an extremely competitive field so I need all the help I can get. My dream school is UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, it's close to home and ranked #2 in the country (after Cornell). 

I'm extremely thankful for the guidance from PrepScholar, I get a plan of action (weekly lessons, quizzes, and practice exam guides) sent directly to my inbox and I can see exactly how I am making progress. Without this course, I would've been totally lost in my studies.  

I found the quant lessons to be particularly insightful, as I had not taken a lot of math since high school. I followed the course closely, did all the quizzes I was told to do and finished the entire quant course. My quant score shot up to the 97th percentile which will really put me ahead of the curve. 

I would easily be more than willing to recommend PrepScholar to anyone taking the GRE!

Published Monday, Aug 21, 2017


1 review

learned a ton in a very short amount of time...... strongly recommend anyone give prepscholar a shot

Published Sunday, July 8, 2017


1 review

quality content, great lessons, but can be distracting online

I found PrepScholar through their blogs and I found their posts so helpful I decided to give their class a try. I don't need a really high GRE score to get into my grad school so I wasn't too worried, but I found the class nevertheless helpful in making sure that I'm studying what I don't know first. But it is an online only course so I found myself distracted by Facebook a lot.

Published Wednesday, May 3, 2017


1 review

V141 to V157! Here's my journey:

I started the PrepScholar GRE prep (1-year access) after using [a competitor] for over a year and still scored 306 (V141, Q165). I noticed that [the competitor] didn't even have some of the long passage RC questions that showed up on my GRE test. I was disappointed. I signed up for PrepScholar two days after getting my 312 GRE score and it was the best choice I could've made for myself. Every week I get 6 to 10 lessons, each taking me an hour to 2 hours to complete (depending on if I get the quizzes right). This was great as it helped me to cover all the required topics and brush up on my skills. The diagnostic test helped me tremendously by pointing out specific areas I should focus on to bring my score up. The practice quizzes were gold! I would seriously recommend them because you will be able to put all of your time toward specific topics that actually help raise your score ("low-hanging fruits") instead of wasting time making your great skills perfect. I highly recommend PrepScholar GRE!! Good luck! If I can do it you can do it too!!

Published Friday, Aug 25, 2017


1 review

I love the topic-specific practice sets because it allowed me to drill hard... the reason why my score went way up

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Published Friday, December 29, 2017


1 review

hard work paid off and what a great way to end the year!

Just took the GRE! I got a 161 on verbal and 157 on quant! Thanks so much for your help during this process. I had a 10 point increase!! Prep Scholar was so worth it! 

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