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Rajiv (V160, Q167)
Computer Science @ CMU

Valentina (V160, Q164)
Chemistry @ Berkeley

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GRE Prep

Real Results

PrepScholar's average score improvement is more than 7 points.

We calculate data from real students and real score improvements. The statistics on this page are a sample of recent PrepScholar students.

→ 75% of PrepScholar students improved 5 points or more.

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PrepScholar GRE guarantees you real results — a full 7 point improvement from a real test to a real test. 

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PrepScholar's guarantee is strongWe're so confident in your score increase we're putting our money where our mouth is! Didn't get 7 point increase on your GRE? We'll refund 100% of your payment.

Raise Your Chances

PrepScholar's own research shows that graduate school admission is by and large a numbers game

Better graduate programs require higher GRE scores. While a perfect GRE score is not necessary, higher GRE scores do increase the odds of getting accepted.

The GRE is a cutoff bar: Facing millions of applications, admission committees use the GRE score to screen applications at scale. An applicant not meeting the minimum GRE score will be filtered out.

The GRE is your bar raiser. Have a low GPA? A high GRE score can make up for your GPA deficiency and make you competitive again. 








Veterinary Medicine (DVM)

Doctor of Psychology (PhD)





Master of Public Policy (MPP)

Master of Education (EdM)

Master of Computer Science

Teachers College at Columbia University

Stanford University School of Engineering

Harvard University Kennedy School of Government

University of Michigan Rackham Graduate School

UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine


Northwestern University Kellogg School of Business

Oregon State College of Veterinary Medicine

University of Northern Colorado Graduate School

University of Kentucky School of Public Policy

University of Oklahoma College of Education

Texas State University School of Engineering

University of Georgia Terry College of Business



Before PrepScholar


After PrepScholar

Recent Improvements:

Reviewed to be the Best


When PrepScholar delivers results, students are overjoyed. They leave ratings around the Internet, making us a highly-rated online prep program accessible to students all over the world. 

Way Better Than Average

The improvement that PrepScholar students make is 4.1x higher than that of the average U.S. student reported by ETS.

93% of PrepScholar students improved more than what the ETS predicted across all GRE students.

Avg. Score Jump: 7+ Points 

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PrepScholar Students have been Accepted to:

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