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1. Individual Attention.

Start with a personalized onboarding experience.

Set your target GRE score, dream grad schools, and preferred study style. Helps us understand where we need to take you. 

Not sure what your goals should be? We'll help you craft your goals, step-by-step.

6. Videos to Clarify Hard Concepts.

Many lessons include videos that show you the content and strategies you need to ace the GRE. These high-quality videos supplement our interactive lessons to carefully explain the most difficult concepts. 

2. Adaptive Diagnostic.

Pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses on the GRE via a 20-question diagnostic powered by PrepScholar's CustomPrep© algorithm.  

Developed by Harvard PhDs, our algorithm uses data from thousands of students so that your diagnostic is as accurate as possible.

Make faster progress with us than with any other prep method.

3. Personal Reminders.

We're your personal assistant and we're here to make sure you succeed. 

Auto-sync to your email and phone to receive personalized reminders and updates. 

Get personalized progress updates, study reminders, and the ideal time for you to take a practice test. 

Access the program 24/7, we're here to cheer you on. 

4. Customized Lessons.

Get your customized weekly plan optimized to get you a great GRE score.  

Never get lost. Get step-by-step instructions on what to study: whether you should be reading lessons, drilling questions, or reviewing your mistakes. 

PrepScholar gets you a better GRE score in less time. See an immediate boost in your GRE score. 

5. Simulated Practice.

Our lessons are not one-size-fits-all lectures. They are designed to teach and built to interact with you.  

Read over 150 hours of interactive lessons containing dynamic texts and video on core concepts and strategies.  

Take simulated online practice quizzes with realistic GRE questions under time pressure. We optimize your learning by testing you on what you just studied.

Go through 300+ hours worth of mini-lessons showing you how to avoid the real tricks and traps hidden within each GRE question. 

Your study plan is continuously adapting as you progress forward. If you ace a lesson, we'll give you more advanced questions, and if you need more work, we'll re-schedule it to give you another shot. 

7. Track Your Progress.

Celebrate how much you've accomplished and get clarity on how far you have to go. 

PrepScholar tracks your effort against your goals and show you how you're improving over time, skill by skill.

Use the Progress Dashboard to get a comprehensive view of where you stand today. 

See your hard work paying off. Confidence is important in beating the ever-evolving GRE. By prepping with us, you'll be more confident than ever. 

GRE Prep

Why PrepScholar GRE?

More than a digital replica of yesterday's class, PrepScholar GRE combines the best of human feedback and technology to create a course that is designed to engage. 

Transcends memorization: get ready to be immersed in problem-solving and actively master and recall the crucial knowledge you need to ace the GRE. 

Beyond teaching information: our interactive lessons teach the exact skills you need to learn, guide you to master them and allow you to apply them to realistic GRE questions. 

Game-based learning: our course stimulates you to conquer the GRE like a highly interactive game. You'll spend time leveling up your score immersed in interesting lessons. 

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