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GRE Prep

I was nervous because I hadn't done math in 4 years. But PrepScholar's planned out study guide told me exactly what to study, I never had to guess what I needed to do next!

Hana (V167, Q162)
Sociology @ UChicago

Rakshay (V162, Q168)
Data Science @ Berkeley

Prepscholar taught me to think more critically, understand how the questions are written, and the best ways to work through the difficult questions.

I didn't have a lot of time to study. PrepScholar optimized my course so that I worked on improving my weakest skills. That really helped me out in the end. Thank you!

Chris (V160, Q165)
Aerospace Engineering @ MIT

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When I was preparing for the GRE, I was super overwhelmed and didn't know where to start. After some searching, I found PrepScholar. PrepScholar helped me break down my studying into bite-size, easily digestible tutorials and knowledge checks - making this whole process feel manageable to add to my already busy schedule. PrepScholar allowed me to see my improvement grow over time, and very easily informed me of the topics I had mastered, and other areas where I should spend more of my time and effort. I am now studying for an MS at New York University! :)

– Laura, New York, NY