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GRE Prep Resources

From the #1 GRE Blog, Ultimate GRE Guides to our FREE GRE Vocabulary Course, PrepScholar is here to share with you our best, most in-depth resources on getting a great score on the GRE and getting into your dream graduate program. 

Must-Read GRE Prep Guides

Just starting out with your GRE Prep? We've drawn from our extensive personal experience, in addition to large amounts of independent research, to formulate these thorough guides to help you kick off your GRE Prep. Enjoy!

5 Tips for 7+ Points

This guide teaches you the 5 most critical factors that time and time again have been proven to dramatically increase GRE scores. 

Download Now

Compare GRE Prep Methods

Thinking about self-study? Taking a class? Need a tutor? We break down the pros and cons of each, and which methods work for which students.

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Choose the Right Online Prep

Online GRE Prep is more popular than ever, but which programs actually work? We outline 5 questions you must ask before you buy.

Download Now

Get a Head Start on Studying the GRE

How important is the GRE, and what does it mean for your particular graduate program? Find out from our all-time most popular guides.

What is a Good GRE Score? A Bad One? An Excellent One?

We'll go over what a good GRE score is in terms of the entire GRE test-taking population, what a good GRE score is for you, and how to set a goal score based on your target graduate programs.

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Is the GRE Actually Hard? Expert Analysis of 10 Key Factors

We'll compare the GRE’s difficulty level to other standardized tests, explain each of the aspects of the GRE that make it challenging, and some tips to help you be prepared for the GRE.

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How Long to Study for the GRE: Step-by-Step Guide

We'll walk you through the exact process of figuring out exactly how long to study for the GRE, when you should start preparing, and how to create a study schedule.

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The Ultimate GRE Practice Resource

The typical student makes critical mistakes on GRE by studying the wrong material. You can get an advantage by learning from these high-quality resources put together by GRE experts at PrepScholar.

The Ultimate GRE Vocabulary Course

A 20-part GRE Vocabulary course with 300 realistic practice questions focused on beefing up your vocabulary. And it's completely free!

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Free PowerPrep Explanations

PowerPrep has the only free official GRE practice tests. We've written detailed answer explanations to each question for you to review your mistakes.

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LIVE GRE Math Workshop

Struggling with GRE Math? Join us for this Workshop on the Complete Mastery of Quantitative Comparison. Save your spot today!


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Essential Readings to Ace the GRE

The typical student makes critical mistakes on GRE by studying the wrong material. You can get an advantage by learning from these high-quality resources put together by GRE experts at PrepScholar.

357 GRE Vocab Words You Must Know

These are the most important words on the GRE! Download free printable flashcards and learn how to get the most out of them.

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Access Official GRE Practice Tests

Doing realistic questions is critical for prepping for the GRE. Read this guide to find official practice tests and learn how to use them.

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GRE Math Cheat Sheet

We'll explain why all test takers should memorize these 38 formulas and give you tips on how to integrate them into your test prep.

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